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Your Body, the Way You Want It

Getting in shape shouldn’t be a punishment. It’s an amazing and empowering lifestyle decision that anyone can make. I believe in finding the pleasurable side of fitness; and while there may be a sore muscle or two along the way, the benefits of fitness is worth the discomfort. I have developed my training regimes by working with a variety of people, and always love adapting programs for new clients.

Lifting Weights
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Thanks to Mike’s dedication, patience, and considerable advice I’ve lost 40lbs. since training with him. The best part is, it’s not a quick fix and through our regular sessions, I have maintained my weight loss, drastically improved my strength, and conquered arthritis in my hips and knees. Whatever results you want, Mike will work with you to achieve them - I can’t recommend him highly enough

Avery Smith

Mike is the most motivational personal trainer anyone could ask for. I used to go to the gym and think of it as a chore but now I enjoy it. I started doing personal training sessions at the end of May this year and in 2 months I shredded so much weight and I felt so great about myself. Even though I’ve been on and off with the gym I always seem to find my way back and I owe it all to his specified training program. He really listens to what body areas you want to target and get results quickly!

Skyler Adelson

Personal training with Mike is the best choice in my life. He was well planned and really kind. Although the exercise was hard and painful, the result is remarkably good. If you want any change through the exercise, I strongly recommend WeHa FiT with no doubt.

Kris Michaels

I’m grateful to have met Mike for helping me begin my workout journey a few years back.
I turned 40, decided to become physically fit, but the truth is I didn’t have the knowledge or directions to do it.  For the next six months, Mike designed two workout programs, trained me on the technique and the “why” behind each exercise. This knowledge is priceless as I continue my healthy lifestyle journey.  I cherish our relationship; he’s a stand-up guy who is genuinely interested in helping others become a better version of themselves physically and spiritually. Highly recommend giving Mike a call.

John Murphy

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